Pipeline Inspection Reporting Software

WinCan V8's extensive toolkit lets you document critical inspection work rapidly and thoroughly. Installed on an industrial PC or notebook, WinCan V8 travels to remote locations, logging digital video, still images and text data in an extensive, searchable database. Sophisticated reporting tools and a freeware viewer make it easy to share inspection results.












The modular structure of WinCan software means you license only the functionality and capacity you need, making it easy to maximize return on investment.


Inspection Module Administration Module Sensor Module
Data Entry for multiple inspections Report Generator Measurement of inclination
Data Entry for satellite cameras WinCanText OSD Control
Manhole report including drawing program WinCanDraw Video Recorder Control
Borehold Inspection


OSD Software
Software Encoding WinCanMap2008 WinCan JogShutle Software
WinCan PhotoAssistant WinCan AutoMPEG Temperature Measurement
Real-time MPEG 1/2/4 Recording WinCan Project Manager (Meta-DB) Surveying for crack width and deformation measurement
WinCan 3D WinCan GIS/Query Export/Import


Please contact us for more information of the software. 



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