Pipe Cleaning with High Pressure Water Jetter


Rioned have a complete range of cleaning product for small and middle sized drains and sewers .

High Pressure machines

The Rioned high pressure jetting trailers or skid mounted units are leading brands in many European countries and are optimally tuned to the present market demands. These macines are particularly designed for drains and sewers up to 650mm and very compact built.

The machines are supplied with separate engine or are driven by means of a PTO-system.

The most important characteristics of the Rioned high pressure jetting machines are:
  • Engines of very good quality with capacity reserves.
  • Very reliable Speck/Rioned high pressure pumps, with ceramic plungers, which offers a guarantee of very long duration of life at minimum maintenance costs.
  • The system of automatic pressure regulator and bypass.
  • Rioned “Compact system” polythyleen water tanks with hydrant filling capability, manhole, overflow pipe, return pipe and sight glass.
  • High pressure hose reels with large hose capacities and possibility for hydraulic hose reel drive; often pivoting.
  • High strength main frames with excellent coating for long lasting protection against corrosion.

All our high pressure jetting machines can be delivered with various option such as:
  • Riomote radio remote control
  • Run dry protection
  • Water level control
  • Riopulse pulsator system


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Combination Unit

Rioned is specialised in the manufacturing of small and medium sized combination unit concepts. These units are especially developed for city streets and low height acess areas, where large combination trucks are unable to gain entry.
These units are being used for collection and transport of waste, as well as for cleaning and maintenance of sewer and drainage systems.
The most important characteristics of these units are:
  • Compact and lighte weight build, with a larger carrying capacity.
  • Tank capacities up to 10.000 litres and vacuum pump capacity from 5.000 litres up to 20.000 litres suction capacity/minute.
  • Corrosion proof water tanks with hinged rear doors. On the inside provided with a coating and on the outside epoxy primed and finished. The tanks are divided into waste water and fresh water compartments, with or without removable bulk head.
  • Waste water tanks equipped with pressure/vacuum gauge, inlet and outlet valves in rear door sight glasses and securities.
  • Powerful, reliable diesel engines or driven by PTO system.
  • Operation on the control boxes on the back of the machines close to the operation area. Controls and functions are marked with labels.
  • Hydraulic high pressure hose reels with speed regulation and freewheel position. The hose reels are supplied with sufficient safety factors. As option the hose reels can be 180º pivoting.


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