Pipe & Cable Locator

o        Cable Avoidance Tool

o        CAT4+

o        RD2000 SuperC.A.T+

o        RD5000WL

o        RD7000+

o        RD8000

o        RD500

o        RD312

o        RD316

o        PCM+ and PCM+ Transmitter

o        SI100 Smart Interrupter

o        SI220 Smart Interrupter

                         o        iTrack Receiver

o        iTrack Dataview

o        iTrack Borelog

o        DG2 DataSondes

o        RD385


Pipeline Inspection System

  • Mainline & Portable (Ex-proof)

o        P494

o        P484

  • Mainline & Portable (Non Ex-proof)

o        P350 Flexitrax

o        P377

o        P374

o        P320

o        P235

o        P455

  • Pushrod System

o        P340

o        P374 IS

o        P571 flexicoiler

o        P571 flexicoiler (Ex-proof)



  • First Line Cable Test

o        1550

o        T810

  • Advance Cable Test

o        1205CX-A

o        1270A

o        3200

o        3300

o        T617

o        T625

o        T631

  • Multi-function Cable Test

o        6000

o        6000DSL




  • Ground Penetrating Radar

o        ProEx System

o        X3M System

o        Easy Locator System

o        MIRA System

  • Concrete Scanner

                   o        Concrete CX System

  • Borehole

o        Borehole System

o        RTA System




  • Flow Measurement

o        Sonicsens

o        ChronoFLO

o        HydrINS 2

o        MAST II

o        SMART Log

  • Data Logging

o        MultiLog GPRS

o        MultiLog LX

o        MultiLog

o        Senator+

o        Pressure Transient Data Logger

o        LoLog

o        LoLogLL/Vista

o        Smart Log

o        Aqualog+

o        PermaNet SMS

o        Leak Finder

o        Patroller GPS Mapping

o        SMART Log

  • Leak Detection

o        DigiCALL+


o        MicroCALL+

o        MicroCorr Touch

o        Xmic

o        Lmic

o        Listening Stick ST20

o        Permalog +

o        Soundsens “I”

o        Hydrophone Sensors

  • Pressure Management

o        ControlMate-2

o        ControlMate-FM

o        Controller COM

o        Hydraulic Actuator

o        Siclops


  • Environmental Monitoring

o        SonicSens

o        Mainstream IV

o        Senator+

o        Athenea


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