RD7100 Precision Locator


Locate and Protect Underground Assets

Accurately locating and marking buried assets ensures minimum downtime during repair or maintenance activities. It also prevents damage which can be costly for utilities and their customers.

Radiodetection is pleased to announce the RD7100 which offers the power of the RD8100’s most advanced locating technologies, with each model optimized for a single utility. Users benefit from the simplicity of having menu options and capabilities matched to their requirements.  Optional integrated GPS and usage logging, enables users to demonstrate safe working practices and validate quality of work.

RD7100 includes a number of features to easily identify target utilities and to follow them with confidence:


  • Guidance Mode:  Displays directional information alongside depth and current information to help both find the utility and ensure the correct target is being traced.
  • Peak + Mode: Combines the accuracy of Peak locating with the rapid ground coverage of Guidance Mode. A single key press lets you check for distortion by comparing Null with Peak.
  • Power Filters: Power industry models, (PL and PLG) use the harmonic properties of power signals to identify the presence of multiple cables and distinguish between them.

In the field of damage prevention, where the cost of a strike can be substantial, ensuring adherence to best working practices is essential. With remote crews, observing behaviours and identifying training needs is difficult. The RD7100 comes with a number of features designed to facilitate the observance of best practice and to ensure product integrity before use.



Integrated, automatic GPS and enhanced usage logging options allow users and management to analyse individual locate operations to ensure compliance with best-practice, or to identify training needs. The data can be used for internal audits or shared with stakeholders to evidence task completion. 
Additionally, the integrity of the measurement system can be confirmed on-site. Enhanced Self-Test applies signals to the locating circuitry to confirm the integrity of the measurement system as well as checking display and power functions.

RD7100 is built on Radiodetection’s pedigree for performance, quality and durability and is backed with a three year warranty through product registration.

Construction Industry
Accurate and simple to use, the RD7100SL comes with four active and two passive frequencies that cover the majority of site locating tasks. A rugged, IP65 rated casing along with a high contrast screen make it suitable for use in all weather conditions. 
Water Industry
With four sonde frequencies, the RD7100DL can be used to trace deep pipes made from a variety of materials including: cast iron, clay, concrete and brick. Additionally, it can be used to locate Cathodic Protection System (CPS) signals applied to pipelines.  
Power Industry
Designed for use in dense infrastructures where signals from high voltage equipment and cables can be confusing or overwhelming. Dynamic Overload Protection reduces the effect of interference, while Power Filters™ can be used to establish if a large power signal comes from one source or from the presence of multiple cables.
Telecom Industry
RD7000TL features higher frequencies to locate high impedance cables amongst large bundled pairs and sonde frequencies for duct and conduit tracing. Higher frequencies can also be used to trace sheathed domestic cables without grounding connections.  Cable sheath faults can be located to within 4” (10cm) using 8kHz Fault Find mode with a Radiodetection A-Frame.

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