Pipe Camera Inspection System



Meeting all your needs for pipeline inspection  

The Pearpoint range of survey equipment is designed for pipeline inspection and used for municipal, industrial, manufacturing, petrochemical and residential applications. Pearpoint has considerable experience as a System Integrator for vehicle conversion, complete CCTV, survey equipment and software solutions.

Pearpoint mainline crawler systems are the benchmark by which other systems are judged. Pearpoint’s pedigree of patented innovative solutions make for more productive, intuitive surveys.


The Pearpoint transportable mainline range offers portability and flexibility with the ability to run crawlers or pushrod systems. A mainline inspection system consists of several key components along with a specific range of accessories such as lightheads and wheels to provide a solution ideally suited to the client’s unique application and environment. This configuration is installed into a vehicle or other transport device of the client’s choosing.

  Suitable for inspection of pipe size ranging from 150mm (6") to 2000mm (80").


         EX-Proof System


         Non-EX System




Suitable for inspection of pipes with diameters ranging from 25mm to 150mm (1" to 6"). The P340 flexiprobe push rod system are compatible with the P350 modue hence offers the ability to switch from cralwer to pushrod inspection without the need to carry a second system.


Ideal for applications such as:

Residential and commercial drains, pest control, conduits and search and rescue. 






The P374 IS is approved, labeled and listed as intrinsically safe for inspection and entry to Zone 0 (Class I, Division 1, Gas Group A), T6 environments. Designed for applications in pipes 1" to 4" (25mm to 100mm). Constructed of rugged, rust-proof cast/welded aluminium.


Ideal for applications such as:

Hazardous locations, process piping, pipelines and compressor stations, drainage systems, weld inspections, remote visual construction and commissioning inspections, structural elements, foreign object and debris removal, flare stacks, towers and chimneys, manufacturing (extruders, hydraulic systems, pumps, event monitoring), remote visual support for life assessment, forensics, turbines and compressors 


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