Pearpoint Mainline Inspection System, Non-Ex



Suitable for inspecting pipe diameters from 300mm (6") to 2m (78") in a non explosive environment, Pearpoint's mainline inspection system has a choice of two crawlers with rotatable forward view camera, a remote control pan and tilt camera or a remote control pan and tilt camera with zoom.

Pearpoint mainline crawler systems are amongst the heaviest and most powerful in the industry. Designed to work in the treacherous terrain of active foul water sewers, they pull the furthest, meaning fewer set-ups and better productivity. And with our hugely powerful motorized drums customers can have reliable, efficient, mainline inspection solutions.

These systems lend them selves particularly well to integration with our custom inspection vehicles.

Key Features

  • One of the most powerful crawler systems in the industry.
  • Pan and tilt cameras offering full 360 degree view.
  • Sealed systems not reliant on gas purging.
  • No external wiring to light heads, etc.
  • Rugged and reliable.
  • 450m motorized cable drum.
  • Custom designed inspection vehicles.
  • Dedicated Service Centre 


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