Pearpoint Mainline Inspection System, Transportable Non-Ex



This is a versatile, modular inspection system that accepts the full range of Pearpoint crawlers capable of inspecting pipes from 150mm (6") to 2000mm (78") in non-explosive environments. The system accepts pushrods with twin view and forward view cameras.

Three crawlers are available:

  • 150mm (6") crawler is used to inspect pipes from 150mm 6" to 600mm (24")in diameter.
  • 300mm (12") tractor is used to inspect pipes from 300mm (12") to 2000mm (6'6") in diameter.
  • These systems can be specified as part of our Custom built Inspection vehicles.


Key Features

  • One of the most powerful crawler systems in the industry.
  • Pan and tilt cameras offering full 360 degree view.
  • Sealed systems not reliant on gas purging.
  • No external wiring to light heads, etc.
  • Rugged and reliable.




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