A versatile full-range Ground Penetrating Radar

(georadar) System based on cutting-edge technology.


A MALÅ ProEx System is a versatile full range ground penetrating radar system with features that no other ground penetrating radar system can match. At the heart of the system is the industry-renowned MALÅ ProEx Control Unit which has been redesigned to meet the needs of the advanced professional user with a completely new technical platform. The design and the technical features of the MALÅ ProEx Control Unit makes it the most versatile control unit on the market.

The MALÅ ProEx System is fully compatible with the broad range of MALÅ Ground Penetrating Radar Antennas and offers a flexible and versatile approach for GPR surveying, efficiently and in real-time. The interchangeable features of the MALÅ ProEx Control Unit makes the MALÅ ProEx System available as a single or dual-channel system in the basic configuration or a true multi-channel system with the optional expansion units.

A MALÅ ProEx System is compatible with the following MALÅ GPR Antennas:

MALÅ Ground Penetrating Radar Shielded Antennas:

MALÅ Ground Penetrating Radar Shielded Antennas
The MALÅ Ground Penetrating Radar Shielded Antennas ranging from 100 - 800 MHz.

MALA 1.3GHz Separable Shielded Antennas

The MALÅ Ground Penetrating Radar Separable Shielded Antennas 200, 400 MHz and 1.3 GHz.

MALÅ Ground Penetrating Radar High Frequency (HF) Antennas:


The MALÅ Ground Penetrating Radar HF Antennas ranging from 1.2 - 2.3 GHz and also the MALÅ HF antennas featuring the EM option.



MALÅ Ground Penetrating Radar Unshielded Antennas:


The MALÅ Ground Penetrating Radar Unshielded Antennas ranging from 25 - 200 MHz.


MALÅ Ground Penetrating Radar Rough Terrain Antennas (RTA):


The MALÅ Ground Penetrating Radar RTA Antennas ranging from 30 - 100 MHz


MALÅ Ground Penetrating Radar Borehole Antennas:


The MALÅ Ground Penetrating Radar Borehole Antennas ranging from 100 - 250 MHz.

As an option, the available MALÅ ProEx Expansion Unit (up to three) can be added to expand the system to eight hardware channels (16 data channels) and operate up to eight individual antennas simultaneously.

The MALÅ ProEx System is by far the most versatile and cost-effective system available on the market today. You only need to invest in what you need today; however, as your need change, so can your MALÅ ProEx System.


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