The most technically advanced 3D ground

penetrating radar (GPR) system

MALÅ GPR Imaging Radar Array (MIRA) is the most technically advanced GPR system on the market. MALÅ GPR MIRA is a one-pass 3D system providing a cost-effective solution for large scale ground penetrating radar mapping and subsurface object identification. It is the only system of its kind that seamlessly integrates acquisition, processing, QA/QC, positioning data, interpretation and export of ground penetrating radar data. 

The MALÅ GPR MIRA system is designed using multiple antennas configured in an Array (see definition under technical specification). Up to 30 antennas can be used simultaneously to gather data in real time. It was designed to retain survey speed regardless of number of antennas used. The MALÅ GPR MIRA System is based on the MALÅ GPR ProEx Control Unit and its MALÅ GPR Array Option. 


MALÅ GPR Imaging Radar Array (MIRA) ground penetratng radar system

The power within this product lies in its ability to quickly and easily gather full 3D data in broad paths, so called "swots". Results are processed in 3D, displayed and interpreted through a dedicated software package and then exported into suitable GIS or CAD data formats. 

The MALÅ GPR MIRA System is a complete solution, from survey to end results. 

MALÅ MIRA System was used to map the Roman forum at Carnuntum, see data example below:

A client presentation from the tests at the Roman forum at Carnuntum can also be viewed here MALÅ GPR MIRA Client Presentation

The MALÅ GPR MIRA System was also deployed on the site of the ancient viking town of Birka. The purpose of the project was to map the burials sites and to give a more detail overview of the site.

The total site covered 30 000 m2. The MALÅ GPR MIRA System surveyed the area with a grid spacing of 8 x 8 [cm] and with a survey speed of: 2500m2/hour.
View the data example below: 




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